Volunteer Ambassadors Needed for Christmas Feast

The Christmas Feast Outreach Committee need welcoming Ambassadors immediately to visit food pantries during the week and area churches on Sunday to bring flyers publicizing the upcoming Christmas feast being co-sponsored by Congregation Emanuel and the Family of Woodstock.

Joy Weinberg, coordinator of the Christmas feast, said volunteers may go out in pairs to inform attendees at the food pantries and following church services of the Christmas feast plans.

“This is a very important and meaningful endeavor,” Joy said. “What makes a great feast is the social hall brimming with guests who otherwise would have been spending their holiday alone,” she said.

If you are able to help please contact Joy at joymweinbergeditor@gmail.com who will explain what is needed.

Volunteers are also needed the day of the Christmas Feast. If you are able to help out on December 25, please contact the synagogue office or sign up in the Temple lobby.