Mishloah Manot

Purim: A Time of Giving & Connecting

Purim is a time for us to celebrate a holiday together as a community, to “make choyzic” to be happy and celebrate our Judaism. It is a time of giving and connecting. In this spirit, we are continuing our Purim tradition of Mishloah Manot, traditionally the giving of baskets of food as a way of sending gifts to friends, neighbors, relatives, and community members. 

This year we are again organizing two projects.

The first is a secret gift basket exchange. Everyone who wishes to participate will have an opportunity to deliver ONE care package to one member/family of the congregation, and to receive ONE in return. Baskets are often filled with sweets, food, drink, and wine. They can be personalized to suit the tastes of the person or family you are sending it to.

The second is a social action project. Participants will have the opportunity to donate items to families in need. Please click here for more information.

If you wish to participate please submit the questionnaire online, submit it by email using the form below (templeemanuel@hvc.rr.com), or drop by the office and fill it out by February 22nd. You will then be contacted by the Mishloah Manot committee who will provide the name and contact information needed. You will be asked to deliver the gift basket anytime between March 9th and March 20th.