Translating words of Torah into engaged Jewish practice, CEHV’s Tikkun Olam Committee brings Reform Jewish values to matters of social and structural injustice and to the pursuit of equity, belonging and joy.

We address historic and current inequities that have a disproportionate impact on already disenfranchised populations. And tackle other issues of significant concern to our membership.

The committee also functions as a resource partner and central organizing presence for justice work across the Congregation and throughout the wider Hudson Valley community.

How to Help Israel

All of Israel is bound one to the other!

As the horrific situation in Israel unfolds, the Tikkun Olam Committee will continue to identify and vet ways to help.  We will focus on helping all the innocent victims of the war and will identify both organizations who collect funds to distribute to several causes as well as individual, single-focus groups who share CEHV’s progressive values.

Focused Giving

Kibbutz Nir Oz

Kibbutz Nir Oz in Israel underwent a horrific massacre in the early morning hours of October 7th, 2023.

Now, they need your help.


J Street: Ways to Support Victims

J Street is ‘The political home of pro-Israel, pro-peace, pro-democracy Americans.’

In the above link, they identify thirteen single-focused and organizational options acting consistent with their values.


Organizational Giving

The World Union for Progressive Judaism

The World Union for Progressive Judaism is the central hub that connects Reform, Liberal, Progressive, and Reconstructionist Judaism around the world while upholding the State of Israel as the center of the Jewish people and Jewish identity.

New Israel Fund

The New Israel Fund’s founders envisioned an Israel that reflected their progressive values.

If you have thoughts about or ideas about this list, please email the Tikkun Olam chair at and include ‘How to Help Israel’ in the email title.

Photos courtesy of Harvey Silver