Congregation Emanuel of the Hudson Valley's Rosh Chodesh honors the spirit of feminist resistance inherent in Judaism

We explore history, contemporary issues, ritual, politics, spirituality, social justice, and creative expression in a monthly format designed to empower and elevate women and all people of historically marginalized genders. 

Rosh Chodesh 11.19

Rosh Chodesh marks the beginning of each month as determined by the appearance of the new moon. Though all Jews traditionally observed this day, it is celebrated as a holiday for women whose origins go back to the Talmud...Women, too, are promised renewal and reappropriation of status in the world to come, a world which will be defined by justice and peace. 

Because of these strong and unique links between women and the moon, Rosh Chodesh provides a wonderful and rare opportunity for women to connect Jewishly in a historical yet contemporary manner. For women in Judaism, it is unusual for us to the subjects rather than the objects.

-From Women of Reform Judaism: Rosh Chodesh

Sponsored by Sisterhood

Our events have explored a range of topics:

  • Mezuzah & Tallit Making
  • Exploring Grief
  • Fierce Women of Exodus
  • Reclaiming Jewish Rituals
  • Political Education
  • Community Speakers
  • Study/Creation of Feminist Midrash
Rosh Chodesh WOW 3.2019
RoshChodesh mezuzah