President’s Report from the 2018 Congregation Meeting

I want to thank everyone for your support these past two years. It has been a great honor for me to be president of a congregation with a rich religious and community based history. I learned a lot about myself. It was exciting for me to address the many challenges a congregation faces over the course of 24 months. There were also frustrations and disappointments and at times decisions that were not always well received. But I knew that was part of the job.

Thank you to the officers and trustees who supported many of my ideas, made strong recommendations of their own and who volunteered to help with a number of projects here at the synagogue. I am forever grateful to Rabbi Yael for the leadership she provides. Rabbi works tirelessly to be available to all congregants. I will miss our weekly meetings, where we discussed and “hashed out” many ideas and forged a great relationship that benefited the congregation.

I have also valued my relationship with Cantor Bob, Regina, Samara, Rachel and Aldo. Each have shown their dedication to the synagogue beyond being employees.

I also received some valuable advice, along the way, from Jeff Greenberg, Lou Klein, Connie Heisman, Mark Trott and also from Sharon, who kept me on track and offered a perspective on being president that often I had not considered.

To get some of my other perspectives from the past two years, please read the next article.