Summer Lockbox

To the Membership and supporters of CEHV,

This year, as we come together for the High Holidays we will try to wrap our heads around what has been another challenging year for our community, our country, and our world. Therefore, The Board of CEHV is proposing that we launch a High Holiday appeal prior to the Days of Awe.

Judaism gives us time to reflect, to hope, to celebrate, and to mourn and we want to focus on that when we come together for the holidays. As I begin to reflect on the past year, I am cognizant that for my family, our connection with our Jewish community is one of the things that sustains us and makes us whole. We count on our synagogue to be there for us in times of joy and in times of adversity. We want our synagogue to reflect, guide and strengthen the values we hold dear, and we look to CEHV as a place where we have created and sustain life-long friendships. Our children bounce into the building feeling like it is their second home and they excitedly shout out the rabbi’s name when they see her across the street in town. We want to know that our synagogue is sustained without making this the focal point of the Days of Awe. Therefore in lieu of an ask during High Holidays, we are asking now that our congregation once again step up to help us make it through this year, but prior to coming together on Rosh Hashanah.

We are starting a new tradition at CEHV of asking for gifts to our summer Lockbox. It is a way to make a gift as you might have at our Gala or Broadway Voices which helps to carry the Temple through the year end. Not surprisingly, this year has been a challenge financially for the Temple. It is the first year post-Covid without a fundraiser or a PPP loan to fill our coffers. Although we didn’t gather for an in-person fundraiser this year, we came together to support the people of Ukraine, the Blue Fridge in Kingston, provide school supplies to kids in need, and support our friends in times of joy and loss. Now is our time to make sure that our house is in order. If we want to obviate the need for a High Holiday appeal on the Days of Awe, we would need to meet the minimum budgetary challenge of $50,000 dollars. We believe that our Congregation can accomplish this before Rosh Hashanah. We are counting on every member and friend of CEHV to participate in the Lockbox initiative, we count on your spirit of generosity, your sacred commitment of Tzedakah and your ongoing commitment to our Jewish community.

Covid likely will continue to make it challenging for us to gather in large groups to plan and carry out large fundraisers. A gift to the Lockbox this Summer will help keep our lights on, pay our amazing clergy and staff, and sustain the needs of the Temple. You can send your gift by mail or online at .

Thank you for all that each and everyone of you do for CEHV and for continuing to support this organization that we love and rely on.

Leslie Kidder, Past President of CEHV