Judaism Designed by You

A Chavurah is an opportunity for Jewish empowerment, exploration of your unique Jewish passion and expression, and sharing that experience with like-minded members of our congregation.

Chavurot at CEHV, by and for members is not an alternative to congregational life, it is an addition, a strengthening and transformation of your Jewish experience. We have to thank our past president Arnie Zepel, of blessed memory, for promoting this idea of Chavurot at CEHV.

At CEHV, we believe Judaism that succeeds is not Judaism that is done for you, but rather by you. Our rabbis, cantors, teachers, and educators cannot replace your individual and personalized engagement in your Jewish journey.

Chavurot forming now:

  • Empty Nesters Chavurah
  • LGBTQIA+ Jewish Text Study Chavurah
  • Parents of Young Children Chavurah
  • Outdoors/Hiking Chavurah

….and more! See the sign-up sheet for other Chavurot, or suggest your own!

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Enjoy Rabbi Yael’s Chavurot Sermon.