Getting Creative About Shabbat

“It is not the Jewish people who keep Shabbat, but rather Shabbat that keeps the Jewish people”
– Ahad Ha-Am

At CEHV we are aware of our members’ diverse Jewish backgrounds and experiences and the different pulls that brought us to and keep us as part of the CEHV community.

We are scheduling Four Shared Shabbat dinners, an opportunity to enjoy, eat together, build connection and community, and celebrate the Sabbath entirely around the dinner table. Our congregation will highlight 4 communal Shabbat meals; December 2, February 17th, May 5th and July 21st at 6 PM.

Experience Shabbat with a pot luck dinner, Shabbat prayers & joyous singing around the table, a lively table Torah discussion, and ample opportunity to socialize, connect, share and celebrate the Sabbath in an informal traditional non-traditional setting.

Individuals, couples, and families are asked to bring a vegetarian dinner (no meat please) enough for your family and some to share with anyone sitting close to you. 

Our Congregation has established the following guidelines concerning food that will be served and enjoyed at Temple as a way to cultivate, nurture and sustain our identity as a Jewish community. We have adopted the following guidelines for Congregation Emanuel as it pertains to using the kitchen and social hall for all gatherings, services and celebrations where food will be prepared, served and enjoye.

We are aware that individual families in our Conregation are more and/or less observant of traditional die-tary regulations of Kashrut. We are aware that these guidelines for the Temple do not necessarily reflect the unique diverse levels of observances of each of our families, and we believe that there is a value for maintain-ing a guideline that serves to unite us as a Community, a Jewish religious center and as a Temple family.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere in which the members of our Congregation feel comfortable, welcome and home at Temple while furthering an awareness and atmosphere in which all Jews from diverse walks of life will feel comfortable. We are eager to further a Congregation that reflects Jewish awareness, Jewish consciousness and ethical living. We hope to cultivate a model of Jewish living and Jewish values through our celebrations, observances and traditions.


The guidelines for Congregation Emanuel include the following three principles:

  1. In serving food we will avoid mixing milk & meat
  2. We will abstain from bringing meats and fish that are “blatantly” non-kosher including: Pork, Ham, Lobster, Shellfish and other scavenger categories of meats/fish
  3. We will be guided by a consciousness of how we eat encouraging “blessings” before and after meals.

When a celebration, observance or festivity is planned that will incorporate meat, the planners of the celebration will be asked to present the meal:

  1. Without serving blatantly un-kosher types of meat or fish (as noted above)
  2. Avoid mixing meat and milk/dairy products at the table
  3. If a dessert and/or coffee is served following a meat meal, the tables will be cleared prior to introducing foods with milk products