Erev Selichot

Selichot prayers are recited throughout the month of Elul and highlighted on Erev Selichot. On Saturday evening prior to Rosh Hashanah, Jews around the world participate in an Erev Selichot ritual, this year Erev Selichot falls on September 9th.

Erev Selichot:

A Contemplative Ritual to Prepare for the Days of Awe

Saturday, September 9th from 7-8 PM at CEHV

Bring grapes or a bottle of wine


Gathering in a circle we will share:


Meditative Nigunim

Contemplative Readings

Grapes and Wine

and concluding with the traditional prayer for Erev Selichot.

Selichot prayers, referred to as Penitential prayers, serve to call upon the people Israel to return to The Sacred One. There is a beautiful teaching of Rav Kook that says Selichot prayers call us to return to one’s true self.

Our Congregation highlights the spiritual of rituals and translates these rituals into meaningful moments that have the power to transform.

Give yourself this opportunity to come home…

to your core beliefs…

to return to your authentic self…

and to indulge in spiritual preparation for the New Year.