Adult Learning Series

Spring 5784, come and learn with Rabbi Yael (a last hurrah) all the things you wanted to know about your Judaism but never had the opportunity to ask. An Adult learning series open to all, come to one or all of the series.  In person only.

Mysticism & study, practice and meaning, learning about our Jewish traditions.

February 8, March 14, April 11, May 9, & June, the 2nd Thursday of each month, (1x a month), from 6:30-8 pm.

Who wears Tefillin? One might argue that Tefillin is the ultimate Reform Mitzvah. Come and experience what, why and how to don Teffilin. February 8.

Learning to Tie the Tzitzit of our Tallitot. On the four corners of our Tallit (prayer shawl) are the 8 strands that are wrapped and knotted to equal 613. The 8 strands stretch toward infinity, the 613 wraps and winds equal the 613 mitzvot. Come learn and experience how to tie the tzizit (fringes) of our garments. March 14

A two part learning April/May
Part I – Rituals of Death, Burial and Mourning; sooner or later we all experience the death of a loved one. Our Jewish tradition is wise and powerful in its rituals and observances. Together we will uncover meanings and discuss the rituals of Jewish observance in times of grief. A complimentary learning with the Ritual of Taharah offered in May.

April 11

Part II – An Experience of the Ritual of Taharah. The Jewish Ritual of Taharah is available through the Chevra Kadishah for our loved ones after death and before burial. Join Maryalice Schleuderer (member of CEHV and the Chevra Kadisha) and Rabbi Yael as we simulate a Taharah ritual for you to experience the meaningfulness of this ritual. May 9

How to live by the rhythms of Jewish life.  Jewish values that you hold dear such as Gratitude, Forgiveness, Spirituality, Audacious Hospitality, Respect, Integrity, and responding to the Other in their time of need.  Where do these values come from and how do we live a meaningful Jewish life? Living with Brit as the foundation of one’s life.   June 13  Questions? Contact Jessica Fillmore, Rabbi Yael’s Assistant at