Planning for the New Year and our Future

As we approach the High Holy Days, I want to share with you an exciting new project your Board of Trustees are planning at Congregation Emanuel. The Congregation’s fiscal situation has been challenging for many years and while things are still tight and there is a constant need for fiscal responsibility, we are working hard to build a fundraising program that will allow us to imagine and embark upon a great future for our Temple. This future begins with a focus on strategic planning, which is creating a set of goals for the years ahead and then a strategy to reach these goals. A strategic plan will guide us to be thoughtful and practical, but also imaginative in planning for 5, 10, 25 and 50 years from now.

We have many individuals and families who, over the years, have generously provided fiscal donations to the Temple. Whether it be to honor a loved one, a special event in their lives or a gift in their Will, these generous offerings enabled us to address needs that did not fit within our budget.

One of the long term goals of our plan is to create funding for the Rabbi and Cantor positions. By supporting these positions out of endowments we will free up budgetary dollars for other programs and new initiatives at the Temple. It is planning, such as this, that will give us financial security and ensure the Synagogue’s future.

Many of you have been members of this congregation for years and perhaps your family has for generations. Others of us arrived more recently and are thrilled to have found this vibrant and historic temple. How we all come together, plan and work toward the future, will determine whether Congregation Emanuel can survive during this challenging time for organized religion and perhaps even grow.

We are eager to hear your thoughts and hopes for the future of our shul. Please reach out to myself or Leslie Kidder, who is heading our strategic planning and fundraising initiative.

L’Shana Tova,

Arnie Zepel, President