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Congregation Emanuel of the Hudson Valley is committed to creating and fostering the most inclusive and welcoming spaces possible. In response to COVID-19 we have greatly expanded the accessibility and ease of our existing virtual options, as well as added many more opportunities to connect, learn, celebrate, organize, pray, and congregate.

Like many organizations, we strongly rely on income from weekly and monthly fundraising events which have been canceled due to Covid-19.  Please consider supporting CEHV with a donation of any size to sustain our continuing efforts to reach you virtually during this challenging time.

Shabbat & Festival Services

All of our services are simultaneously live-streamed on our website and our Facebook page.

Join us every Friday evening for our special Kabbalat Shabbat services and Saturday morning for Torah study during our morning minyan. 

We use the Mishkan T’filah: A Reform Siddur as our primary prayer book.

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Every dollar makes a difference. Thank you for supporting clergy and staff who are working hard to inspire and care for you.

Special New Song for Saturday Morning Minyan

All the World Sings to You

by Anselm Rothschild

All the world sings, the world sings to You! ​2 X

The song of the trees when wind stirs their leaves,

The song of the earth, when rain soothes its thirst,

The song of the sea when waves are set free,

The song of the sky then hummingbirds fly.

Shabat Shalom ​4 X

Mi Shebeirach by Lisa Levine Chorus: Mi she-bei-rach a-vo-tei-nu Av-ra-ham, Yitz-chak v’-Ya’-a-kov Av-ra-ham, Yitz-chak v’-Ya’-a-kov Mi she-bei-rach i-mo-tei-nu  Sa-ra, Riv-ka, Le-ah v’-Ra-cheil May the One who blessed our mothers May the One who blessed our fathers Hear our prayer (4X) and bless us as well. Bless us with the power of Your healing. Bless us with the power of Your hope. May our hearts be filled with understanding and strengthened by the power of Your love. Chorus: Bless us with the vision for tomorrow, Help us to reach out to those in pain. May the warmth of friendship ease our sorrow, Give us courage, give us faith, show us the way. Mi she-bei-rach a-vo-tei-nu Mi she-bei-rach i-mo-tei-nu Hear our prayer (4X) and bless us as well.
Cantorial Soloist Alexandra Schleuderer invites all to join her on Shabbat for Cantor Lisa Levine's beautiful healing prayer.

Kabbalat Shabbat Services


Second, Third, Fourth, & Fifth Fridays

Early Family Shabbat


First Fridays

Shabbat Morning Minyan



Tot Shabbat!


3rd or 4th Saturdays


Website infobox Say Chai with Rabbi Slide

Mondays 9am & Thursdays 5pm

Say Chai! Rabbi Yael Romer is leading special 18-minute fellowship sessions for all CEHV congregants and members of our community. We warmly welcome you! 

Mondays 9:00am - 9:18am EST
Thursdays 5:00pm - 5:18pm EST

Note: Participants will be briefly screened before entering to ensure safety. All of our community is welcome, but no trolls or bots ;). For information on how to call-in by phone, click here.

Ask Rabbi Yael Website Infobox

Join Rabbi Yael for fun and accessible dialogue designed for children & youth! Curious about Jewish customs, prayers, rituals, humor, animals, stories, clothing, dance, or anything else? Ask Rabbi!  For children and youth up to age 18.

Ask Rabbi Yael will now be a prerecorded program, so asks your questions below! The videos will be captioned and posted on this page and on our Facebook page.

Ask Rabbi Yael!

  • Ask Rabbi Yael any questions you have about Judaism, including Jewish holidays, stories from the Torah, rituals like bending during services, Jewish music, art, and dancing, Jewish animals and pets, why we eat certain foods, Hebrew language, Israel, and anything else you would like to ask!
  • Please include your email just in case we need to follow up with you. It is so important to Rabbi Yael that she understands and responds fully and enthusiastically to your questions! Thank you!
  • If you prefer that we contact you via phone or text, please include the number here!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Adult Learning

All of Rabbi Romer's adult education classes are currently being conducted online through Zoom. We welcome new participants- sign up or drop in today if you are interested!

  • Meditation & Torah Study: Tuesdays 8:45am - 10am
  • Torah Trope/Cantillation: Wednesdays 12:30pm - 2:00pm
  • Conversational Hebrew: Wednesdays 4:00pm - 5:30pm
  • Intro to Judaism: TBA