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High Holiday Giving

High Holiday Giving

Hope is like peace...It is a gift only we can give one another- Elie Weisel

Our building is closed, but our congregation is in motion. We are committed to providing an open tent for all who seek shelter. With all of our usual fundraising on hold during the pandemic, we need support to keep our virtual doors open. Help us continue to provide spiritual hope, learning, and community. Every dollar makes a difference. Thank you for supporting clergy and staff who are working hard to inspire and care for you.

We are so grateful for any and all support we receive to help keep our community growing, thriving, and sustainable, especially during these challenging times.

  • Please choose one-time, weekly, or monthly. If other, please specify.
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Annual CEHV High Holiday Food Drive for People's Place

With the devastation of COVID-19, many in our communities are facing food insecurity. Please contribute what you can while protecting your family's safety
Foods Most Needed: canned fruits, boxed juices, canned pasta, children's cereals, granola bars, canned meats (tuna, chicken, etc.), jarred spaghetti sauce. 
Food Drop-Off Schedule Options:
Saturday, September 19 - Tashlich - - 3:45pm - Leave your bag of foods from the list above by the Subaru with a "High Holy Day Food Drive" sign in the parking lot of Kingston Point Park.
Tuesday 9/29, Wednesday 9/30, & Thursday 10/1:  Leave your food bags in the "High Holy Day Food Drive" box by the synagogue entrance, 243 Albany Ave. After Thursday, please donate directly- click here to learn more. 

If you are interested in providing for a special endowment in honor, or in memory, of a loved one, a special family event, or a gift in your Will, please contact Leslie Kidder, Congregation President and chair of Strategic Planning. 

Thank you for your generosity.