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B'Nai Mitzvah Basics & Frequently

asked questions

brief outline of B'nai Mitzvah Basics

  • DATE: Each family receives the date of their B’nai Mitzvah at least one year before. Rabbi places the students throughout the year according to birth. B’nai Mitzvahs are not scheduled in the summer or the height of winter unless there is a special request.  Please confirm your date with the front office as soon as you receive it.
  • SERVICE PARTICIPATION COMMITMENT: In order to gain a richer understanding of Jewish ritual and community, all B'nai Mitzvah students are required to attend services regularly. Weekly attendance is preferable. A minimum of twice a month is required, and parents are strongly encouraged to attend as well.
  • INTAKE MEETING WITH RABBI: After receiving their B’nai mitzvah date, all students and parents will schedule a private orientation meeting with Rabbi Romer. During this meeting expectations- from the student, parents, Rabbi, and congregation- are shared and discussed. The unique spiritual, scholarly, and developmental needs of each potential B'nai Mitzvah are explored as the journey begins.
  • PACKET: Each family will receive a complete B’nai Mitzvah Package from the office. Read it thoroughly. This packet will include the B’nai Mitzvah Fee Schedule, Policies, Suggested vendors, Honor sheets, and other crucial items.
  • RELIGIOUS SCHOOL: All students are expected to continue in Religious School throughout the B’nai Mitzvah Process and through 8th grade. It is our goal and our vision that you the parents are communicating that being a Jew is a lifetime commitment to learning and participation. Becoming a Bar or Bat mitzvah is the BEGINNING of your child’s commitment. Our students are urged and encouraged to continue their Adult Learning with our Confirmation studies, to expand their Jewish expression in Youth Group, to stay involved as aides in the Religious School and to remain involved and participatory in the Community- attending services, reading Torah, engaging in our programs, holidays and celebrations.
  • PRIVATE STUDY WITH APPROVED TUTOR: Rabbi Romer will make recommendations for a private tutor, who is certified and approved by the synagogue. This tutor will guide the B'nai Mitzvah student through their study of ta’ameh ha-mikrah (Hebrew trope/cantillation symbols) and applying the trope for learning their Torah and Haftorah portions. The tutor will also review and reinforce the student’s comfort and fluency with the morning minyan prayers and rituals. Our tutors are all exceptional tutors who are chosen for their flexibility and willingness to accommodate each students learning style while ensuring mastery.
  • PRIVATE MENTORING MEETINGS WITH RABBI: Prior to becoming a B’nai Mitzvah, each student will meet privately with Rabbi Romer. During these meetings, we will study the meaning of their Torah portion, read Rabbinic Commentary, and practice adult Talmudic inquiry. At the conclusion of our meetings, they will learn to wrap tefillin and will complete a Derasha (teaching) on their portion which they will deliver on the day they become a Bat/Bar/B’nai Mitzvah. Families should plan for approximately 10-12 meetings with the Rabbi. At the conclusion of our meetings, your child will learn to wrap tefillin.
  • BAR/BAT MITZVAH "WALKTHROUGH": Around 3-4 weeks prior to the date, Rabbi will schedule a rehearsal. This is a good time for parents to take pictures and/or schedule a photographer. Rabbi will also review what you can expect and will address any questions and concerns.