Board of Trustees

President: Arnie Zepel
Co-Treasurers: Selma Bitz and Linda Sumber
VP for House: Joe Cohen
VP Administration: Mark Trott
VP Finance: Steven Schwartz
Secretary: Leslie Kidder
Past President: Richard Lewit

Trustees: Pamela Fraser, Ruth Heisman, Karen Leider, Richard Mahler, Sara Rabbino, Amy Scorca, Donald Tallerman, Jennifer Gutterman, Stephen Hirsch

Honorary Trustees: Conrad Heisman, Charles Ronder, Michael Zackheim, Eli Basch, Melanie Hill

Religious School Director: Samara D. Gilman

Temple Administrator: Regina Melnik
Bulletin Editor: Jeffrey Greenberg
Calendar Editor: Sherri Wise-Keesler
Bulletin Proofreader: Ruth Heisman

The Temple Bulletin is published ten times each year, excluding July and August. Submissions or advertising inquiries should be addressed to the Temple Office.

Deadline for submissions is the first day of the month which precedes the month of publication. Late material will be held for the following issue.